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Community Radiology of Virginia

Community Radiology
of Virginia

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2000 Leatherwood Lane
Bluefield, Virginia 24605

Phone: (304) 327-7177
Fax: (304) 327-5850

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 5:00 pm



Community Radiology of Virginia is more than a place for imaging tests.

We are a caring resource to help you toward a healthier future. We provide the most advanced diagnostic imaging tests currently available and a staff of board-certified physicians and licensed technologists who truly care about your well being.

Whether you require routine tests that are performed annually, or a more comprehensive procedure, Community Radiology ensures that you receive the personalized care you deserve.

Our experienced and caring staff is committed to providing your physician with timely reports that will aid in earlier treatment.

Our compassionate team takes special care to perform your tests according to established protocols. This ensures that your test results are of the highest caliber, reducing the possibility that you'll have to undergo a procedure again.

Community Radiology of Virginia features the new cutting edge technology:


We are able to greatly reduce the radiation dose to patients while maintaining the highest resolution. With SafeCT®, patients are exposed to 50% to 70% less radiation than from most other CT scanners. This is a huge benefit to the patient.

We participate in Image Wisely

...a campaign that encourages smart medical imaging and pledge to eliminate unnecessary scans and lower radiation doses by using state of the art equipment.

Self Pay

We have Self Pay Options and Time of Service discounts.

We do our best to accommodate all patients to ensure they receive the necessary tests to assist your doctor in your diagnosis. If you have concerns about your co-pay or have no insurance, call our office prior to your exam and our staff will be happy to discuss payment options with you.

Be sure to call around and find the best price for your MRI. MRI prices can vary a great deal and hospitals tend to be much more expensive than outpatients centers. We pride ourselves in providing high quality tests at a price that is very competitive in the marketplace.

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